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Welcome to the directory for medical articles. We will be adding articles that pertain to subjects medical students will be studying about. But we like to do more than that. What we offer are many alternative viewpoints and additional information that may not be covered in the regular curriculum.

The data you will find here is by no means opinion or unproven. Our goal is to illuminate perspective doctors to a wealth of scientific information from published studies demonstrating  proven results through repeated experiments and case studies. In other words we only present scientifically proven facts. The articles you read here will be somewhat suppressed knowledge, but nonetheless true and proven. Our goal is to help future doctors break the traditional mold that we believe to be harmful to medical treatment. This is because the current medical establishment only addresses the symptoms and not the actual underlying causes of many of the problems. Far too often doctors are taught to prescribe medications and not look for the causes. Also in many cases the underlying cause is and has already been known for decades. But medical students continue to be taught that the problems are not yet fully understood.

So we hope you enjoy the things you learn here. Our hope is that when you become a doctor you will be more ready to provided real and lasting help to your patients. Help that would not otherwise have been available to them. You will find the first article below.

Welder’s Blindness Is Preventable

Welding is a beautiful art, without it society couldn’t be at the point it is at now. From welding Burglar Gates to Lamborghini’s, this art is used for constructing beautiful creations all around the world. Life wouldn’t be the same without it.

But is this as safe as we think? A house or a building without Steel Works would be an empty house, but how can building diverse items, affect the safety as a welder? Let’s talk a little about what could happen to you as a person, if you work in this domain.

As we all know, the main problem with welding is exposing your eyes to different harmful elements. We are going to talk about the medical problems that you could face in the art of welding.

UV Radiations – is the biggest challenge you confront, being exposed to it can cause some of the following medical situations:eyeball

Conjunctivitis, or well known to some people as “welders eye”, “arc flash” or even “arc eye”. The symptoms for conjunctivitis are tearing and reddening of the eye, inability to look at light sources, and of course intense pain or short piercing pain (depending on the intensity of the radiation, the distance from the welding arc and type of protection you use). These symptoms are never instantaneous and it may take up to several hours until they occur.

Photokeratitis is similar to the pain brought by sunburn, but the trouble is it materializes at the cornea level, and shares the same symptoms and vivication time as conjunctivitis. Proper filters like a welder’s helmet or sunglasses can be rated as sufficient for UV protection; even appropriate snow goggles can prevent it. This condition is also known as flash burns, niphablepsia, snow blindness, or keratoconjunctivitis photoelectrica. The pain can be lighted by anaesthetic eye drops, wet compresses, over the eyes, or even pain medication if the displeasure is too severe.

Flash blindness is also a visual deterioration and it’s caused by exposure to a light flash of extremely high intensity. This event is commonly-used in the military as a non-lethal weapon, such as flash grenades and laser dazzlers.


These conditions are preventable. It’s crucial for the eyes to have protection to exposed radiation. In case people are passionate about working in the steel works business, or they just want to weld some burglar gates on a house, the measures that need to be taken are the same.

The following items are often neglected resulting in the injuries:

  1. Fail to wear appropriate eye goggles/protection.
  2. Not wearing a welding helmet with a shield, especially when you using a more complex welding machine.
  3. Not wearing a proper shade lens on the face shield.
  4. Not wearing safety glasses.
  5. Neglecting the wearing of safety gasses when not working the welding machine


Interestingly other things can cause the same symptoms as welding blindness. Here are some of them. There are other reasons t: Nuclear detonations, Solar eclipses, Photographer’s flashes, Sun lamps used in tanning salons, closely struck lightning, direct sunlight, Halogen lamps, Reflection of sunlight in water and off snow and Vehicular headlights at night.

Loud Noises Can Suppress Your Development While the Medical Establishment Remains Silent


There is a deafening silence that comes along with the deafening noises all around us.

The medical establishment is not making any noise or sounding the alarm about this problem.

This incredible article will point out a constant problem that occurs in our daily lives.

Ample scientific evidence is conclusive to find that loud noises can be very harmful to all aspects of human health. If we live in a big, city or not, noise pollution can be anywhere in the modern world.

The ill effects of loud noise on the human body is shown to increase from the amount of sound levels we are exposed to.

A noisy workplace or other noisy environment can cause serious health problems like hearing impairments, ischemic heart disease, sleep disturbances, hypertension or simply annoyance which causes stress and mental problems, which in turn further effect the overall health.

It can change your immune system or even cause post-natal problems in developing fetuses.

From DJs in Chicago to Senators in Washington DC, people have constantly complained about the negative side effects caused by loud noise.

In a single day, people living in an urban area can experience massive levels of detrimental sounds.

It can come from countless places like shopping malls, recreational centers, walking down the street, or even a person’s own home.

The busy world around us, doesn’t give us a chance to have any control to halt these irritating noises.

We are constantly bombarded with traffic noise, sirens, and loud music wherever we may go. Many places that were once quiet and peaceful are now centers of constant unhealthy decibel levels.

This noise is known to implement diseases like tinnitus, vasoconstriction, as well as negative effects on the cardiovascular system and circulation.

Elevated sounds can even be a gateway to one’s past.

For example former or current military personnel might have jolting flashes of negative memories, when they hear things like firecrackers, loud tire explosions, or other crashing sounds, that may bring them back to the battlefield.

Also constant exposure to noise can cause significant hearing loss, amongst a country’s population.

Scientists have discovered that people from this generation, are more likely to lose their hearing capacity when they grow old, which is three times greater than their grandparents before them.

Studies also show that noise exposure over 70 dB(A), is associated with major diseases and other medical complications.

To get by in this noisy world, we have to adapt ourselves to try to find an easy way out of this problem. But no easy way exists.

We can start by knowing our limits. Be nice to your ears and they will be nice to you.

A couple of DJs gave us a hint about the proper sound levels they can withstand. They told us they can support about 8 hours of sounds at 90 decibels, 4 hours at 95 decibels and only two hours for 100 decibels.

They also told us to keep track of our heart rate, and if we notice our levels increasing, we have to find a quiet spot to take a break.

If we can’t pay attention to our heart, at least we can look at our phone. There are at least a dozen applications that can measure the sounds around you, acting as a warning signal to tell us to move away from that spot.

The ultimate solution for most sensitive people can be ear plugs. You can always carry them with.

They will always be of help to you when you need it most.

So keep your ears safe, and your eyes fixed on our upcoming articles. We are on the job to uncover the hard facts.


Photosensitive Epilepsy from Video Games

We have another little known fact we would like to share. Something that is not taught in medical schools. Or if it is misconceptions are promoted to potential doctors. So this will be discussed in this article.

Many people do not know the dangers of brightly flashing lights that come from video games. It is actually a very common reaction. It is much more common than many people are aware of. It is a type of sensitivity to the patterns, bright flashes and patterns seen on the screen. Even people with no history of seizers can suddenly be afflicted with this problem. These people have a genetic predisposition to this but don’t know it until they have a seizure.

Is Your TV A Seizure Waiting To Happen


The video game industry continues to ignore safety guidelines for producing the games. There is too much money to be made and they don’t feel like they have time to worry about this problem. These reflex seizures are provoked by specific triggers built into the games. The companies perpetuate the lie that modern video games don’t have the same triggers.

Unfortunately they do. Even worse removing the triggers would not make the game any less exciting or fun. Players who object to safer games don’t have a proper understanding of what the triggers are and have many misconceptions. They even go as far as to safe they would stop playing the game and unsubscribe to the service.

When the fact is the changes necessary to remove the triggers would be almost unnoticeable. There are certain attributes in the images that induce the condition to sensitive people. For example changes need to be made in the intervals of the flashes. This will not be noticed. Comparing 2 screen images side by side shows you cannot really see a differene. So it is proven that it would not be noticed.


Not only do the misconceptions need to be cleared up with medical professionals but it needs to be addressed legally. Some states have proposed bills to cover video game seizers as a public health hazard. They are access from minors. What is ridiculous is that none of this would be necessary if they would just pass a law requiring video game makers to make simple minor changes to the game which would not affect the visual appeal or experience with the games.

child watching television
Minors At Risk

This problem needs to be addressed because video games are growing in popularity. Millions of people all over the world are becoming addicted to the games. So the risk of seizure grows with increased time in playing the game and with increased numbers of people playing.

This is especially true of virtual reality online role playing games. One of the most popular of these is War of Worlds. The game has millions of subscribers and the game has grossed billions. Also support industries have also sprung up that are also making millions.

One of the most popular support industries are informational sites detailing various aspects of the game and how to advance within the game. These are guides that will show you what to do and where to go to “level” the game quicker. One example of this can be found on this World of Warcraft mining guide page.

Users become very engrossed in the game and play it as if they are in a real world doing real things. The mining guide page is about mining as a profession to gather minerals and various materials needed to build tools and advance in the game.

Another one of the pages that gives free information about playing this game can be found on the same site but on the WOW Pets page. Go there to see the example. Pets are animals players use for transportation. They can fly or go by ground.

To ride these pets players will have to find what is called a mount. These are devices that are placed on top of the animal to allow for the ride. So then people are also looking for guides on WOW mounts.

Many websites have popped up all over the internet giving extensive information on this game. That is why it is so shocking that not one of them give warnings about the dangers of the game. Go to the above linked site and you will not see anything about this. This is something else that needs to be addressed. People need to be made aware of this by their doctors and by the people giving advice about the games.

Thank you for reading. This has been another addition of hidden and suppressed medical information. Stay tuned for more.


Diabetes Uncovered – Learn The Real Truth Behind The Disease

What do you know about diabetes? You probably know how many people around the world suffer from it. You probably know that it is one of the leading causes of death. I’m sure they taught you all about these statistics in class. They probably showed you video, pictures, and charts of what happens inside the body when someone is afflicted with this condition. But have they ever taught you what the underlying cause of this is? Probably not. In fact you were most likely told that one type of diabetes is the result of an “unknown” auto immune disorder. And the other is the result of fatty deposits around the cells that prevents glucose from entering the cells.

We would like to debunk that claim. First no that as far back as the 1800 doctors were starting to see major changes when certain lifestyle changes were made. This was the first clue as to the cause of disease. Disease is the result of the body trying to fix the problem. So the disease is not the problem. An underlying cause exists.

In this article we are not going to prove anything to you. We are only going to lay the ground work for you to think on.Then we will provide the resource that you can go read that will prove everything laid out here. So please don’t immediately discount what we say. Just take it with a grain of salt for now. Then I promise you will be amazed when you come in contact with the resource.

A second point to ponder is that germs don’t cause disease. They only enter dead tissue, not healthy tissue. So they are no more to blame for the malady than a fly is to be blamed for the condition of rotted water. Just hold this thought in the back of you mind for now.

A third point is the revelation on what causes a diabetic condition in individuals. I will just say it here and then it will be proven to you later through established and published scientific studies written by respected medical professionals and tried and tested on thousands of people to prove by results the cause. Are you ready for me to reveal the holy grain of diabetes? The cause is inflammation causes by acidic foods. You will notice a direct correlation between the amount of acidic foods people eat and how the numbers of people diagnosed with the condition continues to rise. The reason for that is people are eating more and more acidic foods. What I mean by acidic is not the amount of acid found in any particular food. I am talking about the acid it leaves behind in the stomach when it is digested. So the acid is a result of chemical reactions that take place within the body.

I hope that I have wet your appetite about this enough for you to want to learn how this is possible and exactly how all this takes place. I am sure you are wondering also about how it is that germs don’t cause the disease but are drawn to it after the fact.

The resource I mentioned is an ebook about all this. Go here for a review on Reverse Your Diabetes Today. It contains in depth explanations on everything we eluded to here and much much more. We know you will be fascinated with it. Watch a related video and then go to get the book on how to reverse diabetes.

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